Back from around the world!

well some of yall know me. just came back from my 113 day trip aboard UMG Shelia McDevitt, did a nice lil stint for my fisrt time, galvastion to canary islands then to sudan(sucked) back to corpus cristi then to sri lanka then got my discharge and got home day before, plus i got my shellback! went quick and got good reviews from the C/M. now back home with a well earned bottle of 15yr old GlenLivet!:cool:

Did you have a nice trip ? Did you make a nice amount of loot lol ?

99 a day rounded out to about 9k for 113 days work, but then again im still getting paid for sitting here with this scotch!

The sea time and experience is priceless…Knock one back for me!

That’s a excellent point.

Nice bro. And when you say “still getting paid for sitting here” are you saying your getting unemployment also ?

Congrats! Now the big question, did ya “really” earn that shellback? Those of you “old school” Navy men know the drill. I did and it sucked,lol.

Great experience. Congrats.

Was that sail as an OS? Unless my quick math is off, $99 per day for 113 days would be $11,187. Just so we understand you correctly, how does this day rate, vacation pay combo work?

What headhunter (i.e., so-called “union”) arranged for these $99 per day wages?

well the company instead of putting us on unemployment splits the pay up while we are off so what your work is equal time to what your off, yes and i did go though a day of shit off the coast of south america,not after taxes my friend it was 9700 ish

So you get $99 for 113 days on and $99 for another 113 days off, totaling $198 per day onboard?

Good for you Peter. Enjoy that Scotch, you earned it!

The ATO was one of the things I liked about TECO Ocean Shipping when I worked there (they are UMG now). You got a steady paycheck and didnt get raped in taxes every other pay period. Plus when I was at TOS if you had extra days of ATO saved up you could cash them in and get some extra money. I got out of there just before the buyout and it sounds like I did the right thing as my tug and most of the others were tied up/scrapped/sold.

yea they are slowly going down hill, but i will take what i can get UMG is just down to about 5 boats i think, they just got done with a massive firing of head honchos, so hopefully they will come around with new leadership, trying to go after a unlimited with this company hopefully they stay around a while, and yes the day rate is 198 but split up so easier on the taxes and i can boast im getting paid for sitting at the house scratching my ass

IM from jacksonville FL what company u went to to get a appt

oh i went to about 35 companies altogether for a “appt” if ur refering to my current employer then that would be United Maritime Group, good luck they dont hire often but mates