Hey Mate: Wanna spend 300 days a year at sea for $45K?

Apparently this is what compliance with the Distant Waters Tuna Fleet Manning Exemption looks like.


Its not a job, its an adventure! LOL!!!

$150 a day and all the sashimi you can eat.

Gee… I wonder why they can’t find a US seaman to fill the berth??? Sounds like a job at BestBuy would be more appealing.

LOL. Their chiefs make less than the 3rds with the company I work for. And they only work 180 days a year

I noticed that clown da Rosa’s mail address is cox.net. How very fitting. He can suck my cox.net! Effing criminal!

[QUOTE=SalvadorCraine;58100]Sounds like a job at BestBuy would be more appealing

I honestly don’t believe you would make that much less at Best Buy plus you get those employee discounts and alot of the female sales associates are cute.

This BS of advertising for Americans at wages so low and conditions so lousy should not be allowed as it is how these companies manage to convince the Coast Guard that US mariners are not available,