Thanks to Seacor

[QUOTE=Ta2dsalr;119170]Some guys have all the luck[/QUOTE] And some guys make their own luck.

someone else said “the harder I work the luckier I get” that’s the truth too…coin is still in the air re seacor in my book though…
6 monthes working for seacor now and I hear not so good things about the way they move people up through the ranks,which is my biggest issue…time will tell…

The true definition of luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.

[QUOTE=MFOWelectrician;119241]The true definition of luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.[/QUO

Luck, has something to do with it, if you don’t already have opportunity, preparedness, forehandedness, common sense, and a great attitude. If you don’t have a desire to learn some of the stuff you should know, know everything and complain like a little bitch over petty shit than luck is all you might have. It’s up to you what kind of luck you want to have, good luck or bad luck or no luck at all.