CG vet asking for a helping hand

Hello all I have been reading every G-Captain post concerning employment in the GoM since November 2013, I went down a couple of months ago but there was a hiring freeze and a lot of the HR folks were visiting the academies. So I left without a job after 9 days of looking.

So here is the Skinny, I am 32 yr old male, in good health, no criminal history, no cavities, great credit…for now [FONT=Wingdings]:)[/FONT] … AB with RFPNW, Lifeboat, STCW, FRB, Radar Observer, Security Responsibilities, TWIC, USCG Boatswains mate, honorably discharged veteran, NRA member, married with two kids, and an all-around good guy. I am highly motivated, so I’d like to work for a company that likes to promote from within, but I know what it means to be a good shipmate, and to do the best job you can for the job you are hired for. \

I’d like to work for an OSV or PSV company, preferably on of the big 5, but totally open tohearing about others.

The contacts that I made that all said “we love your background and you have what we want, but we don’t have any openings right now, but please stay in touch” are not answering my emails or phone calls.

So I throw myself at the mercy of this forum, if anyone has any intel or an “in” that they might be willing to share I am all in, please message me privately, if you would like to talk to me before spilling the beans, I totally understand and would be happy to comply.

I will go back down to LA, and do everything I did all over again, but any bit of intel that I could hold onto for inspiration and hope while I am making that lonely 12 hour drive would be much appreciated.

I was self-employed prior so I saved up money and then had to tell my clients, out of respect, that I could no longer service them, this was last November, I have been taking classes and job hunting ever since, so I didn’t have the option of finding a job before quitting my other one. So kinda need a break about now, Thank you and God bless, and be safe.