Super Yachts

The 2018 built 183 t DWT 84 mtr long superyacht WHITE RABBIT navigating the Inshore Traffic Zone in the Singapore Strait passing the Southern Island Kusu

Photos: Piet Sinke (c)

The Owner, Mr. Goh Kheng Liang is a self-made “rag-to-riches” Singaporean Billionaire:

Aside from his interest in yachts he is not a show-off. He used to be seen in a singlet and shorts in his paint shop in Chinatown up to the early1990s at least.

Photo: Arie Boer ©

That probably included that monstrous bulbus bow. I wonder what he want to prove?

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The LEGEND moored at Capelle aan de IJssel
Photo: Rik van Marle - Schippers Centrale Rotterdam ©


Vessel Name Registered Owner Year
LEGEND Legend Beheer BV 2013
GIANT I Phoenixrise SA 2011
GIANT I Verber Holdings Ltd 2006
GIANT I Giant Adventure Charter Yacht 2003
GIANT I Alpha GmbH & Co Schiffsbesitz KG 1999
GIGANT Sevrybkholodflot 1992
GIGANT USSR (Sevryba) 1974
DIMANT USSR (Sevryba) 1974

Former Navy Ship Turned Private Luxury Explorer at the Center of a Legal Scandal:

Don’t know it this one qualify as a Super Yacht, but it sure looks super:

Hull of Wajer 77 enroute builders for final outfitting. Pushed by tugboat MIKKY MAY
Photo: Arie Boer (c)

It’s just a boat.

OK so a super “see through” boat.
PS> Looks more like a 3D Drawing than a boat. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I thought Wonder Woman just had an invisible plane. Glad she’s successful enough to get into Yahhhting.

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I think we’re seeing dark plates with bright weld lines. Anodized plates maybe?

Yes, those are weld lines, smoothed with a blending wheel which gives a matt surface appearance. The entire structure will be smoothed with fairing compound later then painted. Or wrapped as more boats are doing these days.

DYT yacht transport’s Dutch flagged Heavy lift vessel YACHT EXPRESS seen loading “toys” for transport at Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.
Photo: A.Nonymous ©

Source: Maasmond Newsclippings.

From today
Billionaire yacht visiting Loen
Sunday morning you could see the yacht “Kaos” on its way in the Nordfjord. The yacht eventually anchored in Loen:

Billion-dollar yachts “Chaos” in Loen. PHOTO: THOMAS THAULE

According to Dagbladet, Walmart heir Nancy Walton Laurie (71) owns the yacht, a vessel she paid 300 million dollars, or about 2.7 billion kroner, in 2019:


NRK Vestland writes that the yacht has been observed both in Sunnfjord and on Sandane recently.
“Kaos” has four decks and is 110 meters long, and the yacht was built at the Oceanco shipyard in Amsterdam in 2017. It used to be called “Jubilee”, writes


The Kaos is now in Geiranger, but report next port as Oye.
The yacht support Power Play is presently also on her way to Oye:

More toys for the rich and bored?

Øye was the playground for Royalty back in the late 1800s/early 1900s:

PS> The hotel comes with it’s own certified ghost;

It is going to get crowded in Oye tonight. Both the Kaos and one more Superyacht are on thier way in the fjord with destination Oye at the moment:

Linda the ghost will make sure they are safe while visiting the Hotel Union Øye.

The last America’s Cup wth borders closed had only one super yacht owned by one of the syndicate owners here. Boat repair firms were most unhappy as NZ has a reputation for craftsmanship and in the past yachts have come down early to be refitted before summer. Most sail down with it being a down hill ride through French Polynesia and Tonga. The last part needs a judgement call for the weather window to NZ. Using yacht transport is very popular for the return journey unless you have a team of gorillas who love being wet and bruised with an unnatural appetite for freeze dried one pot meals.

Where did you get the idea they are bored?

They look bored, many of them at least.
Looks like we will be invaded by Super yacht.
Three of them are on the way into Ålesund right now:
Mogambo, Power Play and Scorpion 2.

Kaso stays in Øye and will soon be joined by a not so super yacht from New Zealand:

KFOS EP1 (MMSI: 512008162) is a Sailing Vessel and is sailing under the flag of New Zealand.
Her length overall (LOA) is 15 meters and her width is 4 meters.

Update: Kaos is now heading for Ålesund as well.
The three others are all at anchor and using tenders to get ashore.
(Probably can’t afford the wharfage fee)

There’s nothing more annoying than babes in string bikinis blocking your view of traffic. It’s so boring.



The owner of Kaos apparently can afford to pay wharfage fee:

The billionaire yacht «Kaos» in Ålesund. According to Dagbladet, Walmart heir Nancy Walton Laurie (71) owns the yacht, a vessel she paid 300 million dollars, or about 2.7 billion kroner, in 2019. “Chaos” has four decks and is 110 meters long, and The yacht was built at the Oceanco shipyard in Amsterdam in 2017. It used to be called “Jubilee”, writes

Live webcam:
Slik ser det ut på havna i dag – sjekk ut vårt webkamera -

She is well moored at midnight, showing off the lights at waterline:

It would have been more impressive if it was dark

I worked for a European that was born rich, he and his brother inherited a food giant and made it even bigger.
Nice guy but after knowing his life for 4 years all of us said his life or ours, we all agreed we didnt want to live like him and the issues of being a billionaire.
They were pretty private so could walk down the street unrecognized so we didnt have security issues.
They were proper rich, each had megayacht, each had jet, run from petty cash, company ( private) had own plane and chopper for EU business.