Super Yachts

Sounds like Aldi?

was in Italy, expanded to India then Brazil

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The people that are best avoided are some that work for the super rich. Had one white shoe, gold chained, obnoxious fellow who managed to create enemies faster than Putin.
It didn’t matter wether it was contractors, subordinates, authorities they were all equally pissed off.

Perfectly describes the wife of an owner I worked for.

Kaos left from Ålesund yesterday, heading to Gibraltar and beyond.

Mogambo with her yacht support vessel Power Play returned to Ålesund last night, after a daytrip to Geiranger and Tafjord:

Today they are alongside at the Cruise Terminal, with the AIDAperla keeping a watch eye over them:

PS> What to do when your yacht is too small to have a helideck and hangar for your Delfin helicopter?
Bring it on your yacht support vessel of course.

Adult supervision ended at 14:00 hrs. AIDAperla had to leave to reach Stavanger tomorrow morning:

Power Play is getting some tender loving care from the bunker tanker Kystbunkers