Jeff Bezos’s newest toy comes with a price tag of $500 million

Bezos’s superyacht, which likely will cost upwards of $500 million to build and have its own support yacht with a helipad.

When completed, it will be 127 meters (417 feet) long, span several decks and sport three enormous masts, according to the scant information available on the website of its manufacturer and various online bulletin boards of yachting enthusiasts. That will make it one of the largest sailing yachts ever built in the Netherlands, the unofficial capital of boat building for the extremely rich. So far the spokesman for Oceanco, the Dutch yachtmaker responsible for the ship, as usual, declined to comment.

Bezos’s previous yacht is called the Flying Fox, built and designed in Norway in 2019 by the well-known yacht building company Lurssen Yachts.

you cant go anywhere nice on a giant yacht, the uber rich have to suffer a bit…

Would surprise me if Lürssen is building Yachts in Norway? Suppose this is a typing mistake :wink:


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Don’t know. Got it from here.

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Covid has been good to Amazon shareholders…

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2x6000 hp MTU

The new yacht has three masts and is a sailboat.

Sometimes after a divorce retail therapy is good for you.


Gary Chouest really thought he had this deal aced and today is cursing a blue streak in Galliano

hard to believe it has been a decade since AIVIQ was built for Shell and what a spectacularly useless blue whale is has proven to be.

Interested in which hull they are quoting those specs from? Pretty sure not from the Aiviq.

I thought they were pitching the AIVIQ here but after reviewing the specs listing see that it is for a vessel with z-drives. I have seen AIVIQ listed as a yacht conversion however but can’t recall where? will see if I can find that

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although not for a yacht conversion, here is a listing for AIVIQ

This one??:

speaking of spectacular failures is my old command being auctioned off with no reserve next month. Almost $20M was dumped into her refit starting in 2002 with the expectation that the owners would be able to pick up longterm work for her prior owners (NOAA) doing hydrographic survey work in Alaska but no steady work ever came the vessel’s way. She only did short term voyage charters for the first five or six years afterwards and I cannot even recall when the last time she had any work at all? I would think she had been idle at least a decade sitting over by the locks in Seattle looking very forlorn and sad with her fate. When the GoM was booming after Hurricane Katrina, there were offers to charter her as a dive support vessel but the owners didn’t bite and eventually that work went to foreign vessels which were much newer which has DP.

Although not in the league of Jeff Bezos, the ship would make for a spectacular expedition yacht conversion with what has to be some of the nicest lines of any vessel built.

Exclusively Offered For Sale By Marcon

For Sale By Bid tender on or before June 29th, 2021!


Oceanographic Research Vessel “Mt Mitchell” (RV23142)

231’ x 42’ x 20’. Built 1967. Rebuilt: 2002. U.S. flag. ABS + A1 AMS, ACC, USCG Sub “U”, “I” -in layup status; COI, SOLAS. Dwt: 1,800T. FO: 105,000g. FW: 16,000g. 15T & 5T cranes. 10T A-frame. M/Es: 2 x EMD total 2,400HP o’hauled 2002. Speed 12.5-14kn. Range 10,925nmi / 45 days. Bow thruster. Gensets: 2- 300kW; 1-75kW. Quarters for 48 in 7 single & 20 double cabins + berths for up to 11 crew. AirCon. Hospital, lounges, wet lab, conference & data process rooms. Mess seats 34. Full Com / Navaids. Complete refit to new standards '03. The sellers are inviting best offers with no minimums however the sellers reserve the right to decline any written or verbal offers. Inspection / Delivery: Seattle.

He can afford it. Amazon didn’t pay any corporate tax until 2019 and then it was less than 1.5%. The yacht will likely be deductible so will help out in future tax liability. Of course the yacht will create a lot of good paying jobs for the shipbuilder.


yes, if Amazons share price was based on earnings it would be about $100
That will happen one day as soon as the USA stops printing money and the gamblers stop piling in.
So good idea to sell a few shares now and get the yacht

The yacht FLYING FOX was built in Germany. Bezos never owned it - not involved.

Yacht hulls do not share the same hull lines as offshore vessels.

There is much less requirement for cargo carrying capacity (mud / fuel . water / cable) so the lines are optimized around a 50% fuel load for a yacht without the deep parallel midbody of a commercial vessel. Additionally yacht roll periods are optimized for comfort - something that doesn’t come easy on any sort of conversion. There is also much less fuel on a yacht than an offshore boat.

Even the ones that look a lot like an offshore boat - if designed from scratch like ULYSSES 107m & 116m - have underwater lines of a yacht.

Over the years lots of people have converted tugs, hydrographic boats and OSV into yachts of a type and these are okaaaay - but are never in the top tier. Something is always compromised and it is so much trouble to deal with it that it always turns out SNAFU somehow - but there are some darned good conversions out there.

Despite the yacht Dreamers, it is best to start from scratch and pay full freight. Been there done that at Kleven, Lurssen, Oceanco and lots of conversions., after a career in Deep Sea, Offshore and ship management. Hey - it pays the bills but the rotation sux.