Expidition yachts

Yachts, outrageous and over the top appear to be sailing in the direction of the Artic and Antartic. One in particular is the Ulysses, a tax haven for charter, billed as an expidition yacht. What does this mean? The ship itself is impressive but take away the WOW factor and there is a different story. She looks like a wet ship underweigh. The foredeck is loaded with toys in a well. I suspect the well is a disaster in waiting. For a ship of this size, I suspect the aft freeboard too low. Anyone care to give a heads-up?

Azzam, how does a ship, a private yacht tax haven for charter get missile defense systems? Is Lurssen a defense contractor for European navies, and is it the access point into weapons systems?

Bob Durino

The Ulysses and her larger sister just delivered was designed by Marin Teknikk AS: http://www.marinteknikk.no/mt-design
And built by Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway: http://www.klevenmaritime.no/english

Both with years of experience in designing and building large Offshore vessels and Fishing vessels for Arctic conditions. Their knowledge and experience is second to none when it comes to building solid and seaworthy vessels, way above any of the traditional yacht builders.

BTW: The Ulysses has been featured and discussed on this forum before: http://gcaptain.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18912

PS> Did you notice that Ulstein has signed a contract for the first of their X-bow yachts??: https://ulstein.com/news/2016/the-ultimate-ulstein-yachting-experience

The Expedition Yacht Ulysses has found e new owner eventually:

The former owner has a new and bigger version ready to go soon.

Apparently the sale of Ulysses to Mark Zuckerberg is “Fake News”:

Same from another source: