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Kalashnikov is not only producing guns. Now also ships and boats:

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United Shipyard in St.Petersburg, Russia will build 6 large new Factory Trawlers for RFC for the Alaskan Pollock fishery in the Bearing Sea:
Those working in that area may get to see these beauties in the years ahead.

The actual designation is ST-192 RFC. They will be designed by Skipsteknisk SS here in Aalesund:

When the Offshore market fails, Ulstein goes full speed into other markets for small and specialized vessel with high degree of innovation.

Here is their latest venture:

A new contract for Ulstein. This time a cruise ship for Lindblad Expeditions, an American company:

Not forgetting the Lindblad Explorer, a ship with a colourful history till it’s luck ran out…

Yes indeed, the “Lindblad Explorer”. She was one of the early Expedition cruise ship and went to places few other cruise ships would go.

There is a “new” Explorer, the “National Geographic Explorer”, in the Lindblad fleet. She is not all that new though, built in 1982 as the “Midnatsol” for Hurtigruten. Totally rebuilt in 2008 as a replacement for the old Explorer.

Come for a tour on board, guided by Sven Lindblad himself:

Kleven will build another super yacht:

The final touches on interior decoration will be done by Lurssen in Germany.

Contra cyclical buy back

Ship designers and yards diversify to survive the present downturn in the industry.
OSD-IMT is joining up with Gibbs & Cox in the US to increase their market, while the Norwegians are looking at opportunities outside the Offshore market:,offshore-architects-diversify-and-look-to-new-roles-for-existing-designs_49862.htm

The hull of the next SOV type SX-195 with X-Bow and X-Stern has arrived at Ulstein Verft for outfitting:

This is what she will look like when completed, sometime in early 2018:

Looks like US yards are learning to build hulls abroad and do the outfitting in the US:
It is cheaper to build the hull in Korea and hire a HLV to do the transport to GoM than to build it in a US yard.

Ohh, I know, it is nothing new. All the SPARs in the GoM have had their hulls built in Finland and the TLP hulls in Korea, or China.

Why are they not banned from doing so, when even a few “bent plates” are enough to (almost) stop a modern fishing vessel from being US flagged??

Why would it be?

A) False
B) Platforms, drill ships, semi subs, etc are very rarely US flag.

Why would they be?
For the same reason as vessels in domestic trade and OSVs working in US waters has to be built at US yards; to protect US yards from foreign competition, thus allowing them to over charge their customers, pay high salaries to their Executives and dividend on investment, while avoiding high cost of modernizing to stay competitive.

Surprised to see that you think it is OK for large contract in the Offshore industry, worth Billions of Dollars go to foreign companies though. (???)

A) OK it was bent frames not plates as first reported.
B) Correct. Very few if any of the Drill ships, Semi-subs or even newer Jackup rigs operating in the GoM are US built and flagged. The few that are, are built at Keppel Amfels and with mostly foreign equipment, just like the newer vessels working in the GoM.

Singapore yards are fighting back against Korean dominance in the Offshore plant market:

Even the few newbuilding contracts there are for Drillships, Semi-subs and large SSCVs has gone to Singapore.

My point was that you either don’t know the applicable (simple) US laws despite us explaining them you repeatedly or you are being intentionally obtuse, which is trolling.

It’s still not stopping it from being US flagged. You can build a US flag ship in China if you wanted to.

Selective quoting from my posts again.
But please explain to me again why you think it is a good idea “_to protect US yards from foreign competition, thus allowing them to over charge their customers, pay high salaries to their Executives and (high) dividend on investment, while avoiding high cost of modernizing to stay competitive”???

A) As you well know I was referring to a specific Fishing vessel, which has been discussed here earlier.

PS> One proposal was to build to US design, thus avoiding any complex “bent members” that followed from using a foreign design. (Built like a barge, or a Liberty ship maybe?)

In what way did I do that?

That isn’t germane to this discussion.

I’m perfectly aware of what you’re referencing, and you’re wrong.

ding ding ding. Sensing a pattern here?

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Anyone with half a brain sees what he’s doing.


So, with half a brain each, you got me figured out then???:laughing: