LNG News

Gas Carriers (LNG/LPG/Ethylene) is the fastest expanding shipping segment at the moment. At least a lot of companies is betting it will be in the future,

Knutsen OAS take delivery of a new LNG Carrier:
She will be on long term charter to Enel Corp. to carry US LNG to world markets.

COSCO has ordered three LNG Carriers from a Chinese yard:

Whether these will show up in Corpus Christi as well is not mentioned.

More icebreaking LNG carriers are required by Russia for the expansion of Yamal LNG production. S.Korean yards are hoping to win these orders:

LNG shipping is looking at bouncing back after the pandemic:

Petrobras is looking at floating production of LNG for the pre-salt fields:

Lot of shipyards are ready to fight for the conversion contracts.

BW takes delivery of a new ME-GI LNG carrier:

And GTT gets order for membrane containment system for 7 icebreaking LNG Carrier to be built at a Russian yard for a Russian company:

A WCUS loading point for LNG has been approved:

That will help Asian countries to secure their energy supply from friendly sources. (Especially China??)

The first large Container ship conversion to LNG as fuel is under way in China:

The LNG tanks that is going into the largest LNG Bunkering vessel under constriction in the US has left Shanghai and is on the way to the Great Lakes on board a BBC HLV:

Definitely “bent plates”. Will this be another America’s Finest debacle?
Or maybe not, since the LNG tanks are not part of the vessel’s main structure (??)

The story of the America’s Finest, if anybody has forgotten:

Could the LNG fleet double during this decade?: