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India is also getting in on the LNG market with the first LNG FSRU under Indian flag being classed by IRS (IRClass):

GTT hit with Korean fine:

BHP is “going green” by chartering 5 LNG powered Newcastlemax bulkers and signing a contract with Shell to refuel them in Singapore:

They will be carrying iron ore from Western Australia to China.
(If the spat between Oz and China can be settled, that is)

Another order for LNG powered mega container ships has been announced:

Will the LNG market fizzle out??:

An interesting article, I think ultimately what energy source is used depends largely on price. Many coal fired power plants here in the States have closed. Not because of environmental regulations, but because LNG (at the moment) is cheaper.

At the same time any place where natural gas is distributed, most people have gas furnaces to heat their homes and gas water heaters.

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The first Russian LNG Bunkering vessel has been launched at Keppel Shipyard, Singapore:

With Ice Class ARC-4 she should be able to handle the ice conditions in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic without icebreaker assistance. (??)

While the ice bow helps a bit, it’s still a single-screw vessel with just a 3000 kW main engine. I’d say it can manage easy and medium winters, but a hard winter would still be a challenge.

Avenir LNG Announces the Launching of Third Vessel: The Avenir Aspiration: