Shipping News


Who says everything is going up??
Ship operating costs is actually falling according to this article:

PS> This is for worldwide shipping and may not be relevant to US domestic shipping.


The outlook for worldwide shipping is good, but may be threatened by trade wars and protectionist policies:


Will the good ol’ Bill of Lading soon be a thing of the past? (At least in paper form):


The first LNG powered Crude Oil Tanker is now in full operation:
Presently at the Equinor’s refinery in Mongstad, Norway.


Liberian Register is the fastest growing in the world, both in ordinary shipping and the Offshore oil & gas sector:
Their US HQ will be strengthened by an offshore expert.


Watch out for Palau


Anybody here who are looking for a a new career? US ships and lots of foreign flag ships calling at US ports before heading to Europe MAY need to be HAZMAT certified soon:


Sovcomflot is in the forefront of “going green” in shipping:


A look ahead by the new CEO of NSA:


The cost of operating ships will increase in the year to come:

The cost will eventually be transferred to consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and fuel.


BIMCO’s reports on US soya bean export shows some amazing results:
China down 97% as expected, but Argentina, Egypt and Iran is suddenly importing a lot.(???)


A consortium led by COSCO beats Maersk in the Blockchain game:

Note that ALL companies involved, except CMA CGM are from Asia.


Will LNG save the US shipping industry?


From Splash 24/7 today:


Predictions for 2019 and beyond: