Shipping News


Maersk Honan has been cut in two in preparation for the undamaged aft part to be loaded on a HLV and transported to Hyundai Yard, Ulsan:


Well at least she will fit!


They will probably load the MH offset from CL of the HLV, but there will be some overhang.
Here is specs for XGH:


Maritime CEO Forum goes to Europe:

Anybody here got invited yet??:


CNC0 still in growth mode


What will 2019 bring for world shipping?:


As a consequence of Brexit there will now be Maerkxit:


It is the eve of the Lunar New Year today and as always there are predictions for the Year of the Pig by Fung Shui Masters in all respected media in Asia and beyond.
So also in Splash 24/7, but concentrated on the outlook for the shipping market:

Kong Hee Fat Choy (or Gong Xi Fa Chai) to all members and readers of gcaptain forum.
May the Year of the Pig be a happy and prosperous one for all:

More predictions for the year(s) ahead. This for the tanker market and consequently for the crude oil production up to 2023:

Boskalis (former Dockwise) has secured a contract to carry modules for a US LNG plant from China.
This will occupy two open stern HLV for several months in 2021-22:

Indonesia has tried to enforce laws to restrict coal export to Indonesian ships before without succeeding. Now they want to try again:

Landlocked Nepal wants to become a shipping nation with it’s own fleet sailing the oceans:

No it is not aiming to be a new FOC in the mould of Bolivia or Mongolia.