Maritime Business & Ports in this downturn


I am doing a little research on Maritime Business & Ports of the world.

I would like to write an article on how this Maritime Business & Ports of the world can stay competitive in this economical turmoil.

Some idea i have in mind are:

  1. Going green - Renewable energy.
  2. Organization restructuring - Increase efficient output, but yet maintaining top quality services
  3. Harnessing technological resource to replace man labour.

Would like to hear from you experts in this field for more idea.

Not good for much information, but I am tired of hearing, “Going Green”. Please write an article and inform all the greenies how much energy is used to produce the going green trend. Nothing is free from a power perspective and the least effective method of getting energy (power) is using one source to create another source. Everything… I mean everything comes from a barrel of oil… parts of your underwear even.

I saw a guy riding his bicycle and was proud of being green. I wanted to remind him about how much energy it took to build that bike and the oil needed for the rubber in his tires.

I am not against conserving, but going green is a feel good idea. IMO. I feel better now.

Any others thoughts???

First off, welcome to gCaptain blueeditors.

While our industry discharges are highly regulated by the Clean Water Act and other regulations, our emissions are fairly unregulated and when they are, they generally fall under the regulatory of state or local municipality. Our industry can become more green because green is not only a “feel good idea” but in some cases it increases efficiency and in most cases it decreases consumption and overall cost.


There are many definitions or ways to look at being, “green”. I guess we would need to set the parameters to all be on the same page. Hope I did not sound to unwelcoming… just carrying on. Enjoy the site. Lots of info and seaman with way more knowledge of the offshore industry than I will have for quite some time.

Thanks for your insight. Besides the going green part, are there are factors in which ports or these industries should maintain or improve to keep on edge.