NY Wind farms

The Vikings are coming (back?) to Long Island:

But not on traditional trading ships this time:

But they MAY come on boats built along the same lines as the Knarr:

Built at a US yard of course.

Yeah seems like things are picking up in the Northeast. A couple Gulfmark boats are up there, Fugro has a pair of survey vessels working there. Now we all know about your obsession with all things Scandanavian, but hopefully these new builds we’ve heard about (Aelous Energy) work out.

Yes let us hope so. Nice Ulstein designs with X-Bow is proposed:

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Not only offshore wind but now also offshore solar energy is coming your way (soon??):

With the tall wind turbines comes a need for safe evacuation from great heights:

This will also work for rigs and platforms offshore, as well as tall buildings onshore.