When is someone in the gulf going to build one of these? Who’s going to be the first to do it? ECO?

No need for them in the GOM since it is a pond compared to the N Atlantic and Pacific where u need a real bow, X or otherwise.

When the East Coast opens up, I bet they will start going that direction.

Surprisingly don’t see them working up the North Atlantic either. Hibernia, sable island etc. most of those boats seem to be older tonnage that’s been rebuilt or stuff that’s just rugged and tough as nails without bells and whistles.

Just cause its not needed doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to have.

“Nice” means nothing. The only thing that matters is profits. The Canadians are not building anything new so u won’t see them until they get some new iron up there.

It’s ALL driven by money.

They were not designed with a framing square so I would think ECO is out

If they can make money off it or a customer wants it, they will buy a design and use it.

There is one working in the gulf, the “Viking Poseidon” marine traffic shows it still there. I heard it had either left or was leaving, but maybe not.


I think the OP was meaning a non-foreign vessel.

Yes I was talking about American flagged vessels. I said ECO because of they already have a relationship with Ulstein. The price to build one of them can’t be much more if any than the tiger class vessels that Harvey and HOS are building now.

I think Jackson Marine is building one

[QUOTE=Dawn patrol;122968]I think Jackson Marine is building one[/QUOTE]

They’re not X-bows but the bow is fully enclosed. Has an x-bow type look to it but it’s really just a supply boat hull.


ECO is building some 479 footers.

Is this trend toward larger OSV’s simply a response to deep water drilling and needing to stay out longer despite conditions or something else? Talking just GOM.

479 feet!! Not for Fourchon! You definitely couldn’t slip that thing in Cport 3. Especially since they didn’t make them any deeper than the other ones.

Getting ready for Winter North Atlantic

I think Chouest should name one C-Turtle and the other C-Questration!

Have the keels been laid yet?

Island intervention sitting on the corner of slip A and floatation. I guess it’s working the GOM for BP. ECO’s shiny new toy.