The Norwegians

I’m calling Bullshit on the 150,000 HP.,largest-towout-for-more-than-20-years-under-way-in-norwegian-sea_51481.htm

Why do you call BS on the 150,000 Bhp combined power of these 5 boat?
They have all abt. 300 m.t. Bollard pull, with the Skandi Vega alone having 350 m.t. BP
I posted this in another thread earlier, but you may have missed that:

Here is brief specs for Skandi Vega:

So, each of the five AHTS’s had 50,000 horsepower ?

From the specs he listed that would be 34800 HP.

That would total 250,000 not 150,000. To get 150,000 HP from five boats that’s 30,000 HP each on average.

Oops my bad, don’t know what math I was using.

Siem Opal: 28000 BHP
Skandi Vega: 34500 BHP
Skandi Iceman: 27680 BHP
Normand Prosper: 32600 BHP
Normand Ranger: 28000 BHP

Total: 150780 BHP

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The math clouded by envy maybe??

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to see. Look’s like I can’t call bullshit on the HP.

Correction on the specs for Skadi Vega:

This from Skipsrevyen:

The Norwegians are coming to take your crown jewels away:

Once upon a time McDermott, Brown & Roots and Santa Fe was the ONLY offshore construction companies in the world.

And they are not alone buying up American companies to gain a foothold in the market there:

The Aasta Hansteen tow has reached the field and mooring operation has commenced:

Latest update:

Norwegian. . .

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The Dutch and Norwegians team up to offer a new and revolutionary way of drilling from fixed platforms in the North Sea, using a portable dill packet:

Portable platform rigs are not new. What is new is the “continuous motion and circulation capabilities” of the rig:

And cooperation with a heavy lift company that will install and remove the rig using their newbuilt SSCVs:

Transocean tries to impose American control and discipline on their rigs working in Norway:
The Norwegian Unions will have nothing of it.

Statoil (soon to be Equinor) has been found guilty of breach of contract and sentenced to pay COSL NOK 3.5 Bn. in compensation:

On the picture there you can see one American and two Chinese owned rigs in layup in Norway, while a laid-off rig worker is trying to catch dinner for his family.

From tomorrow Statoil shares will trade under the name EQUINOR:

And another major company will also soon change name. Solstad Farstad will return to the name Solstad Offshore from 1.Oct.2018:

Jesus, let your ego go.

When you guys stop being envious, I’ll do.