The Norwegians


Envious? It’s actually annoyance that you ever started posting here.

Nothing wrong with Norway or anything Norwegians do, loved visiting there when I worked on cruise ships, but someone would most likely feel the same way we do if we went to a foreign chat forum and started espousing the greatness of all things American ad nauseam.

Ahts_Master made a mistake in his math and because of that mistake he called BS on your article. He acknowledged he made a mistake and then you posted the childish response blaming his mistake on envy. Stop being a thin skinned child.


I started posting here because I was hoping to get some insights by professional mariners into why a relatively large and very fast ship like the El Faro ended up being caught in the eye of a hurricane.
In stead I was met by a stream of insults and doubts about my knowledge of anything maritime (or beyond).
In stead of just being annoyed and going on to other forums I have kept on posting here, mostly about shipping and the offshore industry in general, but also facts about Norway, Singapore, China and other subject. If that is annoying to you, please don’t open my posts.

BTW; I don’t think this forum is entirely American any more, but if you want to go on a Norwegian forum and post facts about things American, be my guest.

If I was thin skinned I would have left this forum long ago. I’m pretty sure Ahts Master understood that I was pulling his leg about being “envious” of the fact that those 5 AHTSs could muster “unbelievable” 150000 Bhp.
If not, I think he is capable of telling me himself.




Come on man, is that the best you could muster???


Hip, hip, Hurraaaa!!! Today is Norwegian National Day.
Gratulere med Dagen to all Norwegian members and guests on this forum.
The day is celebrated by Norwegians all over the country and the world with parades, flags, sausages and ice cream.

But the biggest parade is that in Oslo, where the King and Royal family greets the parade from the balcony of the castle:

It is not a military parade but a parade of mostly children “marching” up Karl Johan in a somewhat disorderly fashion to greet their King and Queen:

It is an all inclusive affair, with a lot of people dressed in traditional Norwegian “Bunad”, but also people in hijab and other “foreign” garb. (Even some with “Bunad” and Hijab):


From Royals and National day to a royal fight over use of foreign crews on a ship under NIS flag cruising in Svalbard:

The sticky question: Is Svalbard really Norwegian territory??


Welcome to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel for a cool stay:


Equinor (ex Statoil) has awarded NOK 30 Bn. contracts for drilling and well service on the Norwegian shelf to three companies; Baker Hughes Norge, Halliburton AS and Schlumberger Norge AS:


Another American company is favoured and rewarded with a major contract by Equinor:


Shell is selling Draugen and Gjoea Fields in the Norwegian sector to Okea:

Okea AS:


I received the below in an e-mail from my oldest son back in 2002.

He had been in Northern Norway training fresh recruits for too long and missed being in a war zone I believe.

PS> He is now in South Sudan as Security Manager for an NGO, which suits him better.


This Thursday 18. July will be a busy day in Aalesund with 5 cruise ships in town:
Ship: ETA: ETD: From: To:
KONINGSDAM 18.07.2018 08:00 18.07.2018 17:00 Brønnøy Flåm
MEIN SCHIFF 1 18.07.2018 08:00 18.07.2018 18:00 Bergen Geiranger
Prinsendam 18.07.2018 09:00 18.07.2018 23:00 Amsterdam Longyearb.
Star Breeze 18.07.2018 13:00 18.07.2018 22:00 Flåm Svolvær
AIDABELLA 18.07.2018 14:00 18.07.2018 19:00 Eidfjord Hellesylt


can the 2 props load all 4 mains and the other gen sets?


Have been there in January loading Iron Ore, no need for a snow hotel then! The northern Lights were worth the cold.


Here from S.Vega spec sheet:

Looks like a fairly conventional arrangement. It does not say anything about any booster motors connected to the shafts taking power from the generators.

The large generating capacity enable full BP while running thrusters. (Nothing said about shaft generators/boosters)

PS> Maybe this tell you what you want to know??
DNV-GL machinery specs:


Now the Chinese are encroaching on what has become a major business for Norwegian companies, especially in and around Bergen; seismic data collection and interpretation:

Two years ago a Chinese seismic vessel did a major 3d survey in the Barents Sea off Russia, but using Kirkenes in Northern Norway as their operating base:


But Norway is looking for new adventures on and in the ocean. One such area to develop is deep sea mining:æring-17148390.ece


Aasta Hansteen field is ready to start production soon. First gas expected this autumn: