Falgout Brothers Towing

Does anyone have any experience or information on this towing company? I just saw the Finn Falgout recently. Good looking boat. Just curious on the type of work they’re doing.

I had never heard of Falgout Brothers, but their website is globaltowing.net. It says they have been in business since 1965 and have five or six tugs up to 15000 hp and two supply boats.

Finn Falgout is a capable and functional looking tugboat, but I would not call her “good looking.”


Finn Falgout is a capable and functional looking tugboat, but I would not call her “good looking.”[/QUOTE]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bet the crew finds her the best looking boat around.

Kind of a small mom and pop outfit from the bayou. I worked on the Wilken Falgout for a short time back in 92 or maybe 93. Decent little old tug, had a pair of 398 Cats, towing a Ro Ro barge from the state docks in Mobile Al. to San Juan P.R. I think one of the other Falgout tugs had a similar run to Panama about the same time. Used to be a decent company for a mom and pop outfit, they took very good care of their boats, seemed to treat their people well. It has been a while since I have had any contact with anyone from that area though, so can’t say if things have changed in the last 10 years or so.

Have to love that the Miss Saidy, is rated as “4500” Class. Kind of funny to see that much HP come from a boat with 2-399 Cats. It seems to me that this should be 2200 hp. You just have to love the “New” Math.

If you are trying to get an real HP from coonass HP divide the coonass HP by 2 and you’ll get a number that is much more accurate.

I’ve been around their tugs for years. I know squat about their operations, but they always look good, and I love the colors.

It’s always good to see a mom and pop tug company that has been taking good care of its boats and crews, and doing well since 1965. Those smaller family companies are the traditional backbone of the industry.

Glad you guys replied to the thread. Tugsailor, that Finn is certainly good looking compared to Reinauer’s latest additions to the fleet. Take a look at the B. Franklin and then compare looks…lol
I totally agree with the HP/2 scenario! I went to the website and saw the specs. I think the largest of the tugs is their Mr. Jonas at 9000HP…1943 hull it says and rebuilt in 2002. And the colors ARE pretty cool.

The Mr. Jonah had already been discussed here in another thread. I remember doing several hours of research on it after discovering she used to be named Ranger, and I had saw it being converted to twin screw with a couple EMD’s at Algiers Iron works.


What she looked like in 1943

Ok cool, thanks Chief. I had no intentions of re-lashing a dead subject on a specific boat. Just wanted some general info on the company. Thanks for the link to the thread.