Most powerful tugs

Does anyone know of a database of tugs by BHP or tons BP? I’ve been telling people that I work on the most powerful z-drive in the world for a while now, but I don’t know if any new ones have been built with more power. I’m looking for big numbers, over 10k BHP or 150tons BP.

Well, do you mean tugs only or combination tug/AHTS. The Aiviq has around 200tons bollard pull. What vessel you work on??

Specifically I’m looking for Z-drives, and AHTVs are not necessarily set up for towing all that well, the Aivik being a prime example of not have gear appropriately sized/suited to her bollard pull. Just because you put a tow wire on something doesn’t make it a tug, so, that said, I would be interested to know what new powerful tugs are out there, but I mostly want info on z-drives. the most current I can find is from pro-mariner (or maybe workboat) that listed all of the tractors in the western hemisphere as of December 2011. I work on the Alert.

I think most of your salvage tugs are big horsepower, but they are usually shaft drives. Aren’t the big HP Voith Schneider drive Crowley tugs like 10k or 11k hp???

They are the alert, aware, attentive Crowley tugs are 10,500hp 200,000+lb bollard pull range. The voith boats are the same power but don’t pull as hard.

The Alert class tugs are 300,000lbs bollard pull, the big VSPs are 220,000, both have 10,200hp

Seems high on the alert class for the HP but from a non naval architecture poin of view it’s probably that massive torque and massive wheels it turns. Those are really badass boats.

Most ship docking boats with drives in the “lower” Hp ranges put out 50-70 tons.

It’s about right usually 31lb pull per hp avg for nozzled propellers. Voith is around 27lb I think.

Alert Class is 136T BP


The Crowley fleet is impressive up north, with all that Bollard pull you ever take ship bitts off. Where I work we have started to get more horse power and Bollard pull but when asked to back full we give it.

Worked on a tug with 80tons of bollard pull & if the ship’s crew didn’t put it under the keeper on a bit or under the cross on a crucifix we’d rip it off. When a bit lets go it’s not a good sound.

I bet, our biggest B.P. is 65 and the first in the fleet with meter on the winch.

The Forte has somewhere around 11,000 HP but I don’t know if it classifies as a ‘tug’ that you’re talking about.

I remember when Tampa first got the SDM (Flying Saucer Tugs as they were known then), we were docking and I was on the stern of the tug when I heard a loud bang. I thought the tug had parted a line but once we were secured they came back along side and asked if we wanted our cleat back. It put one hell of a dent in a control box on their bow.

Captain of the most powerful tug on the planet, or second mate?

I liked the YouTube video of the guy riding his bike on one while the tug is spinning around, camera guy was on the dock in front of tug. Believe it was tug Florida.

[QUOTE=capbubba;103094]I liked the YouTube video of the guy riding his bike on one while the tug is spinning around, camera guy was on the dock in front of tug. Believe it was tug Florida.[/QUOTE]

haha I have seen that one it was hilarious!


MSV Fennica and MSV Nordica, the multipurpose icebreakers chartered by Shell in Alaska, have a bollard pull of about 230 tons (500,000 lbs) from two 7,500 kW (10,000 hp) Aquamaster US ARC 1 Z-drive thrusters. Of course they are not tugs, but they are fitted with towing gear…

Yep that’s the one. Guess the camera guy was on a tug not dock. They say memory is the first to go, I forget what the other thing is LOL.