Most powerful tugs

Chief mate of the most powerful z-drive on the planet. The 136T BP would be metric, most US tugs measure in short tons (probably to claim higher numbers) so usually they’re listed as 150. The Alert ripped a bit off of a tanker once upon a time, and the Aware managed to break 10"C amsteel during a tether exercise, so there is a lot of power involved.

I heard a rumor that Chouest was really impressed with the Alert and would like to build a bigger one. Again it’s just a rumor, but it may become the most powerful z-drive.

The yellow boats are odd in that they are variable pitch, z-drives. The Taner’liq was fun to drive. Poa, know Walter? for specific z-drive boats…about 120 tons. Have run one of the same class. The CPP setup is sweet.