Table for recommended bollard pull?

Hey guys,
I’m looking for a table or chart for determining the recommended bollard pull for towing ocean vessels. For example, what is the recommended bollard pull for towing a 600’ 10,000 tons lwt ship, etc? thanks

You might check the Offshore Master’s guide to Towing - or something like that - that the two Sause Bros. Capt’s (they’re twins) published through the Nautical Institute. I think it might have what you’re looking for…If I remember tonight I will look through my bookshelf for it.

That’s the Livingstone brothers. I sailed with both in the early 80s when they were right out of school. Grant is a Jacobsen Pilot in Long Beach.

Anybody else?

Check out this site- towing matrix is about as good as you will find. We spent enough time arguing about it.

Thank you tugmstr, that’s what I’m looking for.

Anything else out there?