Small Vessel/Tow Ops Manuals/Books

I’m working on a tug/barge unit in New York harbor and finding it slow, too slow, to grasp some of the docking/undocking concepts. I understand what the crew on deck is doing with singling up lines as I did it too initially.

However, having started on a six 360 degree azimuthing thruster propulsion system to a twin screw system its making my head go in circles. I looked through my books that I have from school however they aren’t offering much help, I’m thinking I must be missing something.

Any valued good reads in this department? Or online information?

Simple answer, hands on experience. Any experienced tug operator or docking pilot will tell you that no landing or sailing is ever the same. There are too many variables involved. The only way to master it is to learn on deck while spending time in the wheelhouse watching and asking. It also takes a certain knack that you will not find in any text book. To understand it from a text book approach you will find “Behavior and Handling of Ships”, “Ship Handling for the Mariner”, “Modern Towing” and “Primer of Towing” helpful. Hands on learning under the supervision of an experienced mate or captain is the only true way.

If you are at K-Sea find Capt. Marty,Kenny or Matt on the old Vivian or Adriatic Sea. They will tell you just about the same as argo told you, If at Bouchard find Richie on the Jane or Artie A. They may be damn strange but they are damn good.
Modern Towing and A Prime of Towing are good books, but nothing takes the place of doing it your self. Copy,steal and beg all information regarding the “rules” of each dock in the harbor. Get up every time and be in the Captain pocket to find out just what he does. If I can do it I can guarantee you can too.

im learning in the wheelhouse, and spent time on deck prior, but even so i find i need somethin to look over at least while im at home. i’ll pick one of those up.