North Sea Oil & Gas News

The UK Offshore Oil & Gas Industry is still international in nature.

An Australian Engineering company gets a contract for work off Scotland:

The contract is with a UK company that is owned by Israeli and Korean companies:

Worley itself is a product of mergers and acquisitions over many years and in now a multi-disciplined conglomerate with worldwide activity and ownership:

The Italian owned Scarabeo 8 has had a difficult birth and life:

A couple of days after single-lift removal of the DP3 topsides from the Irish Sea for Spirit Energy, PIONEERING SPIRIT was in East Scotland to transfer the 5450 tonne structure to the Allseas cargo barge IRON LADY. The transfer operation was executed in calm conditions in the sheltered waters of the Firth Estuary, a couple of kilometres off the Edinburgh coastline. Load-in of the topsides to the CessCon facility at the Fife Energy Park will take place later this month.

In Norway a strike has been avoided: