North Sea Oil & Gas News

Havila Jupiter has been awarded the “Spot Vessel of the Year” award from Equinor.
Photo: Havila.

Havila Jupiter is a 92 meter long anchor handler, designed by Havyard and built by Havyard Leirvik in 2010. Photo: Havila.

Remøy Shipping has its own fleet, which consists of a navy vessel Magnus Lagabøte and three PSVs.
The Magnus Lagabøte is a Coast Guard vessel with a mixed Civilian and Navy crew.

Equinor spread the goodies:

Looks like they have finally figured out where the oil migrated to from all those promising structures found by seismic surveys:

Greenpeace is on their way.

Oil workers strike in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea ended by the Government:

The Government’s reason to step in:

What could the workers possible strike about, being the best paid oil workers with the best conditions and safety record in the world?

Yes I know; a strike in the GoM would be unthinkable.

Dräger Marine & Offshore adjusting to changing times offshore in the North Sea:

DEEP ENERGY during sunrise doing pipelay at Breidablikk field in Norway, close to Grane platform. As seen from DEEPSEA ABERDEEN during tophole campaign for Equinor.
Photo: Hallgeir Kråkenes ©

Deepsea Stavanger get in the news a lot these days:

The rig Deepsea Stavanger has anchored outside Brandal on Monday. The huge construction will be lying down until Wednesday, and will then move on to Haltenbanken.

Source; Riggkjempe ankra opp ved Brandal -

PS> I don’t think it is actually “anchored”, more likely just sitting on DP.

Now Reach Subsea and Havila Subsea will probably be accused of getting rich on other people’s misfortune:

Equinor is all in for Europe:

Other companies operating on the Norwegian shelf is also actively increasing production from their existing and new fields.
Supply of Norwegian natural gas by pipelines to UK and Continental Europe is vital since no Russian gas is available.
LNG from US suppliers are expensive:

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It takes time to plan, build and install large structures in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry
This new FPSO for the Penguins Field in the North Sea started planning in 2018 and has not even got to the field yet:

It still have to be transported from China to the UK, towed to and installed in the field.
Then begins the work of connecting the risers and commissioning before “first oil” sometime in 2023, or early 2024(??)

And this isn’t even a new field but a redevelopment due to decommissioning of the Brent C Platform.