North Sea Oil & Gas News

Tie-back to existing infrastructure is new the most common way of developing new finds, bout in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea :and the Barents Sea:

Slightly used FPSO becoming available for reuse:

Dana submits draft plans for Western Isles decommissioning

Large gas find in Norwegian sector:

Norway logs largest hydrocarbon discovery in 10 years

Good news and bad news. Finding more gas is good news for the future: (maybe not for the climate)

That prices of existing gas drops immediatly is not so good news.
Revenue from the new gas will come on after it gets to the market, which may be several years from now.

The PETROJARL FOINHAVEN moored at M.A.R.S (Frederikshavn – MARS ) for recycling /scrapping
Photo: Wim Kosten – (c)