Offshore Oil & Gas news

No matter what was actually decided at COP26, things are still happening in the worldwide Offshore Oil & Gas industry. Whether that is good or bad is up to your point of view. To stay informed is always good though, regardless.

Here is some of what is in the news today:

That’ll be an interesting startup for the Cobalt. I saw her being built, and was back several years later when she was still sitting there. The barnacle growth at waterline could be measured in feet!

I’m not even sure she ever went through an owners sea trials. Have to wonder how the challenges of firing up a cold-stacked rig compares to firing up a never-used rig with 6-7 year old equip that’s never really run. Better have some good ET/IT/Elects.

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Subsea7 is busy in Turkey:

McDermott stays busy in the Middle East:

So does Valaris:

ALP Maritime provided towing for the vessel, with three tugs: the ALP SWEEPER, the ALP KEEPER and ALP STRIKER:

McDermott is busy in WA:

Saipem is also busy in WA and in Guyana:

FPUs are popular these days:

Soon to arrive in a gulf near you.

BTW; Sembcorp Marine is also building the Whale FPU for Shell.

What will 2022 bring?:

That is an old rig serviced by an old OSV.
An old pix??

This wonderful looking ship will come to a gulf near you soon:

Don’t knock it, she may not look good but she can tow up to 24 streamers. No other seismic ships come even close in efficiency.

Diversifying to be relevant for the future:

Are the Canadians turning Socialists?:

Floatel Safe Concordia gets extended work for BP in Trinidad:

SBM is busy in Guyana:

Which is good for Keppel Shipyard in Singapore.

More to come: