Market for Offshore vessels and services improving?

Nearly daily news of new contracts from around the world MAY indicate that the Offshore market for vessels and services are improving.

Here is news of a new long term contract from Brazil:

The market might be improving for larger offshore vessels, although it is hard to tell because they don’t publish the day rates very often, but the market seems to be bad for smaller ones (in the North Sea at least).

PSVs are going for a day rate of around £4.5k ($5.9k) per day, and an AHTS recently went for 85k NOK ($9.2k) per day.

Maybe Floating Wind Farms could be the salvation, at least for AHTSs:

Rem Offshore has secured work for two more if their PSVs:

Aage Remoey is back in business after loosing his entire fleet to Solstad a few years ago. Not bad for a fishing boat owner from a small place in NW Norway. .
Here is his fleet, so far. (incl. details on one of the PSVs mentioned):

Offshore market outlook for 2021. Grounds for optimism.(??):

This is about the world market. May not apply to the GoM market as that is kind of isolated.