Market for Offshore vessels and services improving?

High standard Floatel service in demand worldwide:

The Floatel Triumph will come to a Gulf near you in 2023:

PS> Both Flotel Victory and Triumph where built at Keppel FELS, Singapore.

DOF selling off older tonnage:

Solstad is busy in West Africa:

It is projected to grow

Ship Maintenance Software

Solstad selling another AHTS as part of their plan to trim the fleet:

Clarkson’s Offshore review shows improvement and brighter outlook for the Offshore markets worldwide:

That goes for the top end Seismic market as well:

PS> The picture in the article is of another SeaBird vessel, the Voyager Explorer:

Aquadrill (ex Seadrill Partners) is sell a 6th Generation rig for scrap while restructuring for the upturn:

Normand Samson (ex Far Samson) is moving to South America:

The offshore fleet in general has shrunk and is shrinking:

But not enough to reach equilibrium between supply and demand yet.

Aban Offshore is doing their part:

Looks like the better equipped CSVs and MPSVs are keeping busy:

PS> She is working in the Norwegian Sea out of Sandnessjøen at the moment.
I don’t know when she will be heading for the GoM.

Coming to a Gulf near you:

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From today:
“K Line Offshore AS will be wound up and the anchor handling vessels will be sold to Borealis Maritime”.

I can’t find any confirmation, but Borealis has been active buying up distressed OSVs lately.
They report the following fleet:

The 2 AHTS vessels belonging to K-Line is among the most powerful in the world:

The BOS TURQUESA in Guanabara Bay (Brazil)
Photo: Capt Jan Plug Master Seven Rio (c)

The Accommodation vessel Edda Frides is getting around.
She is now at Melkøya near Hammerfest for Equinor and is heading to Australia for her next contract, before going to Mauritania/Senegal in the second half of 2022:

Wonder the end game here:


“The market for subsea construction vessels continues to improve with strong demand from both renewable energy and oil & gas activity”:

No, Solstad vessels are not run cheaply and crewed by “3rd world villagers”.

DOF Subsea is busy around the world: