Market for Offshore vessels and services improving?

I’m amazed that Chouest would sell any vessels to a competitor.


Two of them were Vanuatu flagged boats that weren’t possible to reflag for Jones Act trade… I haven’t seen a full list of the others, but I’d bet on old 240’s that big oil doesn’t like now that they’ve had the 312’s working for them.

The article said 8 Jones Act trade 280 class boats.

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DOF Subsea is adding more work to it’s GoM portfolio:

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More Offshore vessels leaving layup and getting back to active service, but not necessarily in the area they have been working previously:

PSV HIGHLAND PRINCESS seen entering the port of Lowestoft, UK from Leith in Scotland following “lay up” in Sunderland with others of the Tidewater fleet. Arriving 9th March for bunkers, she departed 11th March, destination Jebel Ali,AE, possibly another North Sea “Workhorse” unlikely to be seen plying her trade locally in the future.
Photo: John Soanes (c)

More Tidewater news:

Now wait for the exodus of employees from the former SOP fleet.
Some customers MAY also find other suppliers of Marine services.

AHTS anchored in Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro
Photo: Capt Jan Plug Master Seven Rio (c)

Well equipped for the worldwide market, now and in the future:

Edda Freya on seatrial in Vartdalsfjorden, 2016


But modern tonnage doesn’t just mean “less than 15 year old”, it require the latest and best in design and equipment + fuel efficiency and low emission.

That is probably why Spetalen is on the move again:

Solstad is picking up more long term contracts in the Americas:

DOF is active in the market all over the world:

Incl. the GoM:

And in Brazil:

“Seacor Nile” is located at Green Yard Kleven for maintenance and minor conversion:

Photos via the yard

Source: NSF

Looks like McDermott is moving towards larger vessels:

Away from the legacy:

Longer term contracts are back in the GoM:

Offshore market outlook for 2023, both Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind:

Shipyards at Tanjung Uncang, Batam in the bad days. (ASL Shipyard in foreground)
Idle OSVs and rigs and little activity on the shipyards everywhere.

ASL Shipyard in better days: