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I don’t think the foreign vessels working in the GoM will have any problems with “meeting the same high standard as US-flagged vessels”, nor the standard of US Environmental and Labour Laws. There MAY be a different reason why they are there than just “standard” and "crew cost ".

So there MAY be a risk that US-flagged vessels working overseas will have to change to foreign crew, incl. Master? (The rest of the crew are already foreign, in most cases)

Or will all those US-owned vessels flying Vanuatu flag have to find crews from Vanuatu if they should get a (short term) charter in the US GoM?

Meanwhile Noble Corp. sees extended contracts for their rigs all over the world:

PS> That includes two Liberian flagged Drillships working in US GoM w/o a single Liberian on board.

BTW; Noble Corporation plc is an offshore drilling contractor organized in London, United Kingdom. Its affiliate, Noble Corporation, is organized in the Cayman Islands. It is the corporate successor of Noble Drilling Corporation. Wikipedia

American Offshore Worker Fairness Act is gaining support from expected quarters; US Marine Contractors, Shipbuilders and American Waterways Operators:

Harmony prevails in the GoM. Workers, Unions and Employers unite against a common enemy.

At the same time they demand free access and “level playing field” in foreign markets for US company’s and vessels, whether under US or foreign flags.

Remember the US ideals; “free markets. free competition, freedom and democracy”??

Stena to add “7th Generation” Drillship to their fleet:

Can anybody explain what this is actually about??:

PS> I worked on a project to turn an old Bethlehem Mat Supported J/U rig into a MOPU with storage capacity.

I cannot. The writer talks of making a floating well which is odd terminology. Apparently they are talking about storing oil offshore in an abandonded well in the Gulf of Mexico. Should be interesting.

It’s nothing that exciting…they are just refurbishing an old decommissioned production platform to use on some new wells. (That NOLA article appears to have been written by someone who doesn’t know what words mean)


The author should have a great future in certain parts of the media. :rofl:

Back to reality. Subsea 7 sees growth in revenues, expects tendering activity to remain high:

Sunset over the SEVEN ARCTIC on the Shell Vito Project in the Gulf of Mexico.
Photo: Capt Nicolas MILLOT – AFNI Master PLSV SEVEN OCEANS ©

Genesis to invest $500 million to expand pipelines in deepwater Gulf of Mexico

PS> It doesn’t say which company, or which laybarge/vessel will get the job though.