Submiss alert near Titanic wreck site

Snowflakes indeed. It’s the thought that counts as W.C Fields said, “I don’t drink water. Fish fuck in it.”

In this case it was proved to be dead right.
Spacecraft, airplanes, boats, and submarines all have a body of knowledge about how to make them and how to regulate them. This knowledge is literally written in blood. For every rule and paradigm, you can usually trace back to the people that died ignoring it.
If you want to make an experiment vehicle to try new things, no one is stopping you. That is how progress is made. Paying passengers do not ride in these things nor fund them. When they go wrong they kill their test pilots at worst and hopefully no one.
This sub was pioneering, if you can call it that, how to do things on the cheap and hide out from regulators. This is not advancing anything but ways to get more money for less work.

Here is someone else ignoring all rules, laws, common sense, and accumulated knowledge to do “research”.

No one with an IQ over 70 is going to go anywhere on that floating heap of shit and it can’t go very fast nor far, so at least the death toll when it finally sinks may be zero. if you LIKE “ignore the rules hell yeah!” sailing, they are usually looking for crew :wink:


From NYT now. Edited at…

Debris from the Titan submersible has been recovered and returned to land, according to Canadian media, nearly a week after an international search-and-rescue operation ended and the vessel’s five passengers were presumed dead.

At a Canadian Coast Guard pier in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Wednesday, crews unloaded what appeared to be the Titan’s 22-foot hull, crinkled and twisted with exposed wires and cables. Images from The Canadian Press showed what looked to be a piece of the hull’s siding and other debris being unloaded from the Horizon Arctic, a vessel that had deployed a remotely operated vehicle to search the ocean floor for the submersible.

In a statement, Pelagic Research Services, which led the deep sea recovery effort… would not confirm that the debris belonged to the Titan, saying that the investigation was continuing, and referred questions to the U.S. Coast Guard…

…J. Carl Hartsfield, an underwater vehicle designer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, said that recovered debris could contain vital information about what exactly had happened to the Titan. Mr. Hartsfield said investigators would be looking for three things: a point of failure of the hull, how pieces of carbon fiber and titanium, the submersible’s materials, were connected; and if any electronic data was recoverable.

But it will not be as simple as examining a black box, as investigators do in plane or train crashes. Mr. Hartsfield said he believed it was “highly unlikely” that the submersible had a central data recorder for a disaster. But, he said, data is recorded in different places — hard drives, sonar footage and even possibly cameras — that could help investigators begin to paint a story of what had happened…

…Mr. Hartsfield, who was consulted during the search but was not part of the recovery efforts, said an investigation could take anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

“It seems like a long time but there’s a lot to do,” he said…

Whoa … “all the accumulated wisdom of centuries of sub building” is what has kept deep submersible operations as safe as possible and avoided killing anyone because of a fatal design failure. All the design failures and potential failures were discovered by testing, retesting, redesigning, and more testing before exposing anyone to a risk that would have been discovered during the testing phase. The modern, successful submersible designs are made on the backs of hundreds of failed experiments and documented successes. There isn’t a lot of “hold my beer” style development in that business.

The incredible progress that put a human at the bottom of the Mariana Trench and enabled his return to tell the story was not the result of arrogant disregard for accumulated wisdom. Callous disregard of that wisdom is the reason 3 innocent people are dead in the first fatal submersible implosion in history. The 5th guy is responsible for the deaths of the other 4 and one of them was the victim of hubris. If he chose to believe the huckster rather than the collective wisdom and experience of a generation of submersible operators and designers then he was nothing more than an experienced tourist who should have known better.


Ignoring accumulated wisdom in design or material may lead to advances; ignoring it in process (documentation, testing, configuration control, etc.) seldom does.




Acrylic view port transparency is missing from bow titanium cap.
Could have been removed for transport.

Lionel thinks it is weird

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So you agree with my comments above?

Lionel is…flabbergasted this time. Check out why. ?

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The Titan Submersible Was “an Accident Waiting to Happen” according to New Yorker’s journalists .

The Titan Submersible Implosion Was “an Accident Waiting to Happen” | The New Yorker

It didn’t take long before Youtube got flooded with videos “explaining” how it all happened.
Here is one of them:

They didn’t even get the support vessel Polar Prince correct.
The vessel shown in the profile of GC Rieber’s Polar Prince, blt 1960s:

Sister ship “Polar Queen” shown

Lionel seems to be really intrigued by the sub tragedy.

(372) Titan Sub Was Dragged Across Rough Seas Rather Than Being Kept on Deck - YouTube

Lionel is just one more of the freaking idiot click baiters that this debacle birthed. The are like flies on fresh dog shit.

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