NOAA McArthur 2

recently sold after laying up a couple years. now flagged Marshall islands and residing on the East coast of Canada, renamed something like “DS Pressure Drop”, i got the "pressure drop part right. sounds like they’re using it for submersibles?

ah that’s where she went! Well East Coast of Canada makes me feel that she will be going to the TITANIC site one of these days. If I remember correctly, there is a company here in the NW planning to offer dives on the wreck next year. Got to be the same bunch

I think Stabbert Marine purchased her and Ka’imimoana and did the repairs and conversion work (KA in particular was a bit rough around the edges)

Nice to know they both have new lives elsewhere…it would have been a shame to scrap good Stalwart class vessels

yes, Stabbert got her and i was there for half the summer of 15 detailing it and handling many new school grads that generally ended up on tugs. the KA got painted red down below but i may of helped leave the Mac gray down below. it was in reasonably good shape, both of them actually but I never bonded with the KA though it was my first ship, the Mac may of ended up being my favored ship. The Ka CME had “issues” as we’ve all learned and i heard that after he got sent to the East Coast he still ended up getting canned which is a heck of a feat for NOAA corp !!

I am familiar with him. Seemed like an ok guy but I never sailed with him.

PS a lot of people have been getting the axe the past several months. Including some NOAA corp. Pigs do fly!!

Thats VERY funny !!, the pigs part anyway, yup, you’d of had to sailed with him. He was from S. Africa, had a nice home, cars, wife in spain. His brother had a home in San Diego which is where the ship dry docked so he had it pretty made for a international guy but he just had that personality thing and they sentenced him to the foster on the East coast, I guess he finally got let go. despite the hell i endured i do wish he got his 20 in.