Seafarers International Union - Reading & Math Test



I intend to schedule an appointment at one of the SIU Halls for the math and reading exam, the exam is required before applying to SIU.

Does anyone know the appropriate material to study prior to the exam?

Maximum Respect,


Given that you could read well enough to create an account and post to this forum, I cannot imagine that you’d need to study for the reading test. The math test cannot be much.


Here’s the SUNY Maritime math placement test. I can’t imagine that the SIU test would be any harder. try Khan Academy if you need some help/tutorial.


SUNY Maritime needs a math placement test? Does the SAT no longer test for math?


The SUNY placement test is a test for if you can go into calc 1 first semester, or if they need to put you in a remedial precalc class. Same with writing there.

The SIU test is very basic. I’m sure you’ll pass.


LI_Domer has got it right! It’s all about what match class you start with your MUG year, Math 90 or Math 100. I had heard recently that SUNY now offers Math 80!!


Too many aliterate folks these days.


I think if you can count past ten without taking off your shoes, you will be able to pass the SIU math test!


Thank you, I will check it out.


If you’re looking for confidence that you’ll pass any test the SIU offers, just go down to any of the SIU halls and strike up conversations with the people you find there. #yesyoucan


You’ll be fine. I’m sure you can read, rite an’ cypher real good like.

Just kidding. Don’t sweat it. From what I gather, it’s a very basic exam. Many SIU members hail from other countries, and manage enough English to pass it. The math is probably basic functions like addition and multiplication.


Thank you

I intend to stop by the Fort Lauderdale Hall soon.


As a former SIU member. . .I resemble that remark. . .


Judging from your posts I would assume you were in the SIU a long time ago so I can’t comment on what it was like then…judging from my experience with SIU over the past 6 years or so, the fact that that guy who posted can form complete sentences complete with subjects, verbs, and periods at the end tells me he should have no problemo in joining the ranks of SIU’s finest.


Should the SIU set the bar higher for new recruits and strive to provide a more literate and numerate workforce that justify higher wages?

I often find that a smart, literate, green hand learns to become a much better seaman in six months than many of the illiterate and innumerate guys who have been doing it for 10 years.

Of course there are some illiterate idiots that are excellent deckhands.


Well, there WAS a touch of sarcasm in my post. . . .


@Hawespiper I’ll take that


When I went to PP, they only guy I knew that failed both was drunk… don’t go in drunk and I think you will do fine…


I know it’s a late post but I hope it helps for anyone else trying to take the test.No it’s not that easy brush up on all types of fractions its 45minutes each for reading and math and it has 40 questions on each test I failed twice and had to re-apply again .dont get discouraged if you do fail , more then half the people that walk in fail you just getting keep trying …so good luck sailors!!


The reading test i have to take is 50 questions thrusday which is tummrow is those the awnsers u have ? I need them thrusday at 9:00 can u get them here before then