Don't think Paul hall is going to work for me

I just took the reading/math at the Brooklyn SIU hall. I know I aced the reading, however the math was difficult as I haven’t done hs algebra in 12 yrs and was totally in the dark… I’m college educated, had three great letters of rec from ppl in the industry and my essay was strong, however I believe this math test is going to disqualify me . Have to wait and see. When I was at the hall I noticed a large number of ppl checking a screen for jobs. There were mariners from all over the world there and doubt they were grads of the UA program… Can anyone with a TWIC, MMC, ppstpt, wait there for an OS or entry level type job.? Are there any other avenues to find work in this industry. I must go to sea!!!’!!!

I think you can retake the test. I also just took the test a few weeks ago in Jacksonville, FL. I can see where the long hand math operations could trip anybody up. I hope you are just over reacting as I felt the same way coming out of the exam. Heres to you for trying, so don’t quit.

What position are you applying to that requires a math test as part of the pre-screening?

I was wondering the same thing I cant do paul hall because I have cavities

[QUOTE=Jetryder223;84002]What position are you applying to that requires a math test as part of the pre-screening?[/QUOTE]
It’s the general aptitude test that you must pass at the 9th grade level for the UA program.