Paul Hall Center info

Hey i was wondering how hard it is to get into the program and if anybody knows the wait time these days? And would joining the union beforehand get me in faster?

Thank you.

The difficulty is not getting in, but rather making sure you jump the right hoops at the right time, which seem to change depending on who you’re dealing with. Last I heard the current wait time is 6 months. Joining the union beforehand would pretty much be irrelevant.

[QUOTE=Cal;52970]Joining the union beforehand would pretty much be irrelevant.[/QUOTE]
That’s a fact…

My cousin completed his paperwork at the Houston hall after last Christmas. He was supposed to go in March I believe. As it worked out, there were several cancelations. They called him before he arrived home and offered him a slot in January. It worked out well for him. He’s finishing Phase II in August and starts III in October.

Thanks for the replys, i realy wanna start working on ships it seems like a great career for someone who only has a GED it just seems so hard to get my foot in the door. Should i wait 8 months to a year for Paul Hall(called up today thats what they said) or go to SeaSchool and pay for my ratings? Im looking for deep sea work though like around the world anyone got any ideas?