Some advice please

I need some advice; I’m a retired Navy CPO, who has been out of work for almost 10-months; I went back to school, and got my MMD with Able Seaman (Unlimited), STCW, RFPNW, lifeboatman, and other endorsements.

My Question: What is the waiting time for a job if I join Seafarers International Union? I get tons of information about how much more I have to spend (e.g. another physical, urinalysis, etc), but really vague answers about how long it takes to get a ship.

I understand seniority, and I also understand I’ve spent a ton reeducating and certifying myself, and need to know from someone the reality of job wait.


Chris M.

[B][I][U]IMHO[/U][/I][/B]…check out Crowley Maritime they are SIU

THIS retired NAVY CPO thinks if yer gonna wait for a UNION to get you a job, yer gonna wait a LONG time.
They don’t care about you; they care about yer money IMHO ( And I was a card carrying member of 333 in NYC for 4 years)
Get yerself down to the COMPANIES. To the HR people and let them see yer face AND yer documents.
The Union issues will iron themselves out if they want you to work for them AGAIN IMHO.

Anything else you think I can help you with, shoot me a pm. I’m hear for you, Brother.

BMC(SW) retired