Been lurking for a few weeks trying to find as much info or advice I can.

My situation, I have a government desk job I despise and will be quitting soon. Have a masters in logistics, am a navy vet w/ about 1.2 yr of seatime and 5 years of mechanical experience during this time.

Managed to get on with a local longshoreman union, but I am a little bit hesitant to rely soley on this for income with the new tarriffs etc? Is it viable to remain a longshoreman for at least the next 4-5 years? I have heard our contract is still decently strong for the next year or so.

I am contemplating attempting to enter the Maritime industry through the amo tech program, but after reading more on the forums it also seems like that industry is also questionable with regards to the future and employment. I enjoy more active work and I’m done with desk jobs.

My question is I guess what do you seasoned maritime professionals see as the trajectory of the industry given recent news, events and your overall experience over the last few years. Do you see seafaring as a career worth making a pivot toward in my situation? I’m single no kids, so I’m not really that worried about that much.

Thanks in advance.

Are you a casual longshoreman? Are you guaranteed at least 40 hrs a week? Where I come from they only let casuals in every few years and then you only get a wack at full time with benefits once a decade.

As far as the maritime industry goes, i won’t bother getting into it. Plenty of threads on here, and recent ones that will provide the answers you want.

I’ve had an acquaintance who has been asking me how to break in. Hawsepiping is his only option at this point in his life. After suggesting to him starting off with getting his ab is his best route, he told me ‘I need to make at least 80k a year.’ I found this to be a brazen statement for an entry level person.
My response should have been to him is it’s taken me better than half my life to get where I’m at. Why should it only take you a couple grand and a few weeks of classes?
However I tactfully told him what I’m going to tell you.
So, my answer to you is, if you want it bad enough be prepared to have lots of patience and funds to invest in yourself. If you decide you want it that bad, it will happen but not overnight. If you have the means to go to a maritime academy that would be a more efficient route.


Yeah I’m a casual for now, I don’t have any guaranteed hours yet. As I work another job during the week, I started earlier this year I get off my normal job and try and get night hours with the union. Slow at first but has been increasing, persistence pays off and I think I have good attitude compared to some whom I’ve encountered.

Appreciate the advice and honest answer. Always looking to better myself, figured classes could be a good way to break in in case the next contract goes sideways and I’m up the creek…I’ll never go back to a desk learned my lesson. I’ve gotten a few good dms.

Thanks again. Yeah I would never expect a salary like that immediately.