Employment in the Maritime Industry

I know this might be too broad of a question to answer, but what do you think the future employment situation looks like in the Maritime Industry?

I have applied to Cal Maritime for Fall 2010, but would like to get some idea if there will be any jobs available down the road. Many of the posts I have read here make it seem like the jobs are going away.

A little about me, I have a background and BS degree in Logistics and just finished a 4 year stint in the Army, working in logistics/supply. I have always been interested in working in the maritime industry, but never knew how to get a foot in the door. I now have the GI Bill to pay for most of the academy cost. I am 37, no wife/kids and don’t mind moving around or working abroad.

Thanks for any info.

The Maritime industry is boom or bust, and always has been. Right now it is in one of the worst busts anyone can remember. By the time you get out of Casual Maritime, you should be well positioned for either 1) a great entry level job as a mate or 2) a Manager’s job at Wendy’s. Good luck to you.

Thanks for the feedback. I just got back from the Cal Maritime “open house” and was impressed with the program there. If accepted, I should be starting in Aug 2010.

Hopefully when finished in 2014, employment in the industry will be on the rise again. If not, I’ll try to stay away from any grease fires at Wendy’s.

At least you’ll know how to put them out…

Hey D Mac,
I also think that this industry is going to take a couple more years to turn around, think 2012. But by then there will be job openings because folks will get sick of waiting for work, sick of the USCG making it impossible to get a license, or just getting to the age where retirement seems like a better choice. So, in my opinion, it’s a great time to go to the academy.
(By the way, if you want to look further into being well positioned for work when you graduate, think “short sea shipping”.)

Think LNG and DP. As an officer with either of these skills, you will not suffer for lack of work!