Paul Hall Veteran Program

I am trying to sign up in the vet program at the paul hall. I recieved the application in the mail and have been following the directions to what they need on the application. I have gotten all the items needed and was trying to take the physical but i was informed that I needed to take a test before I could do that. I have never heard of this test and the application did not say anything about that. What is this test all about?

I was helping a 18yo get into the SIU training and they wanted him to report to any union hall for a math and english test if my memory serves me.

Its been a while, so I might be rusty on this, but if memory serves the SIU started requiring math and english competency testing a while back after the companies complained about having mariners report to vessels who did not have the basic language/math skills to safely exist on a ship, let alone work.

If you served in the military (even the army-just kidding!) you shouldn’t have any problem with the competency test.

Thanks guys, but i am no brainiac. What kind of math are we talking about here. I was trying to find maybe a practice test to just have an idea of what it was all about

don’t sweat it I’m sure it’s a basic “English recognition” test.
just to see If you can read and understand English. I did It last year. Don’t remember any math? but that could have changed (as it should be ).

It’s no big thing, I want through the Vet program 8yrs ago and they just started the test then. Go or call the closest hall to you, and good sailing.

I can see by your login name saefarer that you had no problem with the king’s english part. I got a GED from the SIU at Piney Point in 1971 and over the years have misplaced it. I called the school to get a copy and they told me that they had no record of it. Their records did no go back that far. I am 56years old tomorrow and there is no way I would pass a GED test again.

Does anyone know how long the Vet Program is?
By completing the course is your RFPNW complete?