Siu math test

Has anyone taken the siu math test? If so what is on the test? How many questions? I know its 10th grade level math but what are some examples of problems if you remember i just dont wanna study random formulas and end up wasting my time

I took in back in 2011. 50 questions multiple choice. As long as you know fractions you will be fine. This is for the UA program correct? Also they say “no calculator” but you’re in a room or a corner of a union hall with a cell phone…you’ll be fine.

Its un supervised??

Don’t over think it. It is not rocket science.

I know but it’s been a while i dont wanna go in there cold turkey

Most of the time, especially if it’s a busy hall.

SIU. Already looking to fuck off and half ass and haven’t even joined yet :joy:

(Sorry I couldn’t help it, not really towards you OP)


I took it back in september. Main thing is fractions - middleschool level fractions - my union hall handed me a calculator … That may vary from place to place as some of my classmates at piney point said they were not as fortunate.

How was it? How much time did you have and did they let you use a calculator? I see some people say they hand them a calculator and others no

I was about to say how is actually studying and getting prepared half assing it haha

Yeah i was alone. The test taking computer was inside the port agent’s office oddly enough, but he was out front.

… and every captain on here that has SIU Apprentices on their ship just made note of your name with that little question.

Little suggestion when you get to your first ship, don’t lie, and don’t cut corners. Either of which have the potential to have you on your way home in the next port.