Pre-employment Math Test?


What kind of math should I expect. Marja is going to send me a math test to see what level I’m at. The farthest I went through in high school is geometry and that was a long time ago. The math that I do at my current job is dealing with estimating and percentages.

And do I need a special kind of calculator?

Oh, forgot to say this is for the 2 year mate program.

A good understanding of trig would be very helpful but I am not sure it is necessary.

You need to be able to memorize keystrokes on a scientific calculator.

I am currently in the pmi program about a quarter of the way through the program and just finished tc nav. There are quite a few formulas that you would need to learn but after you have them down the math itself is not really difficult. The classes are just very quickly gone through and you have to keep up. I have heard there are more formulas coming up in c nav and stability but again it’s just learning some formulas and doing the math. Some geometry a little trig and some algebra are the basic skills needed. In our class only one guy so far has to repeat the tc nav class for not passing his testing.

What is “Marja” ?

Don’t sweat the math too much. Its just basic algebra, order of operations, solving for the unknown variable, conversion of minutes and seconds to decimal, and the properties of right triangles. For a near coastal license you won’t need to know trig much beyond memorizing SOH CAH TOA. You’ll need to learn how to use the same scientific calculator used in your classes. There are quite a few formulas to memorize. If you are going for an ocean license, there are a lot of different ways to get to the same result in celestial and the sailings, some involve the use of tables, others rely on formulas and calculators. You’ll need to learn whichever way is taught in your class.

I’m pretty sure practicing your math on such sites like and would suffice…at least it was with me