Seafarers International Union - Reading & Math Test


Yes, I have them. Send 50 dollars cash to Lee Shore c/o and I promise to send them.


I also have a bridge for sale


On the bright side, I passed the exam.
My journey begins in Piney Point potentially around November 2018.


I prolly couldn’t pass the math portion, I have a hard time with fractions. I’m not alone though, I’ve heard that 4 out 3 people have the same problem.


So what were some of the most difficult questions? Like half math, half reading, and half general knowledge…


The test i have to take is 50 questions is that the one u have awnsers to i hace to take it thrusday at 9:00 how fast can u send them


U have the awnsers for the reading test 50 questions ?


God, I fucking hate SIU and the people they attract… :joy:
Finest of the finest. At one point companies are gonna go and say, fuck it, let’s go foreign flag completely.



Good luck through your phases. Phase I classes and tests, If you pay attention and do the Homework you’ll do fine.


Anybody can help me with the study sheet or answers for the reading test at siu in jersey city, nj?


You online? I need the answers for the reading test at siu union hall in jersey city. My email is or 908-868-7327 thanks.


OK… HEAR THIS, HEAR THIS: My earlier response was in answer to a question which has since been removed. The spelling was so bad, I assumed it was a joke and responded in kind.
Note to prospective SIU English test takers:
I don’t have “the answers” and I can’t help you pass the test.


Yes but I would also like to add that I still have a bridge for sale :grimacing:


Just go take the test. You are not going to learn English or math studying for one week. If you cannot pass the SIU test without studying, you are NOT ready to go to sea.


Thanks, I passed the math test the 1st time today but not the reading- failed it twice. So only one more shot tomorrow. You with Maersk or another vessel?


I think most people here will be reluctant to say specifically who they work for, except JdCavo who works for the Coast Guard.


I can haz werds?




send it were n how


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