Resolve Marine mobilizing resources to re-float and remove the Dali

Resolve Marine, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has experience with bulk: In addition to its demolition work on the Tappan Zee, it also served as a contractor in removing the New York bridge’s span structure.

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This ship is in fairly good shape considering. No hull breaches below the water line. Safely removing the bridge from the port bow is another story. Can a heavy lift crane hold such an awkward load so the ship can be backed out? I’m wondering if explosives might be used to cut some of the steel. There’s a hell of a lot of tension on those beams. Also “The vessel is reportedly situated on top of a high-pressure gas line on the sea floor, which is likely to require additional planning and surveys, leading to further delays.”

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Any foreign WTIV presently working on USEC, or CSV with large crane operating in GoM waters at the moment?
If so, could that be “commandeered” (and given a waiver from JA, or whatever) for this emergency operation?

DEME’s sea installer is on the East Coast wrapping up for Vineyard wind, but I think there’s plenty of crane capacity on site, or on the way, so no need of foreign equipment. Nothing against foreign equipment, it’s just U.S. operators have invested the money in equipment and shouldn’t have to compete with someone with 1/3 the crew cost. And probably 1/2 or less of the equipment cost.

This is an emergency affecting US citizen’s safety, security and economy.
Doesn’t that count for more than a few mariner job for a few weeks?

PS> Isn’t the “Orion” in US waters as well? She has a 5000 m.t. SWL crane:

Orion may still be in the neighborhood, and does have game changing capacity, but my position remains, that they have plenty of crane capacity on scene. Not in any way my area, but figuring out what and where to cut seems like the biggest challenge

The huge ‘Orion’ is in the Northsea, working in the ‘Moray West OWF’, off Northern Scotland.

Cutting it into larger pieces should make for a fast job, I would think?
OK, thanks.
I thought I saw something about the Orion going back to finish off the job at Vineyard OWF this spring?

I inquired as to why the “Left Coast Lifter” wasn’t being put back in action quickly, apparently her electronic load calculation systems require precise weights, making her fit for new construction builds only. (Can’t lift something with the weight unknown)

Triton has one of there big barge cranes in Fourchon right now. Don’t know the flag but assume most of the crew would be American.

Might be difficult the straddle the bridge but the Bottom Feeder is one badass crane. Not sure where it is these days.


Don’t forget about air draft, these giant derricks have to fit under either the Bay bridge off Annapolis or the bridges in the C&D canal.


not so sure about the underwater profile condition. people in this forum who appear to know the harbor have stated that the ship may have hit an underwater abutment prior to contacting the bridge. in the head on photo you can see a spray which they conclude may be concrete just prior to hitting the bridge.
it would appear from the photo’s of the starboard side of the vessel that the hull plating from the deck down has been torn open

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Good point!!
The free sailing height is reported to be 186 ft (56.7 m) so that probably stops all WTIVs from reaching Baltimore.
PS> The Orion Crane A-frame height is 90 m. above keel.

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top notch company worked with them many times, a crowley subsidiary

Crane vessel like this could get to Baltimore though:

Max lift 5000 m.t @ 32 m. range.

Temporary shallowdraft alternate channel to open Monday:


From the linked article:

State and federal officials have said the Port of Baltimore’s closure will not only impact Maryland’s local economy but will also have ripple effects on a national level. The port supports more than 15,000 direct jobs and more than 139,000 indirect jobs, equal to about $3.3 billion in personal income, Axios reported last week.

The Seaway Strashnov is in The Netherlands at the moment. It could be in Baltimore in a couple of weeks from the word “GO”.
Have 5000 m.t. lifting capacity MAY make a difference and save a few $ Bn.

PS> I don’t know if she is available, or already committed, though.