M/V Dali left Baltimore for repairs


Stopping traffic on the Bay Bridge was a little dramatic

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Yeah, but can you imagine the bad publicity if they knocked ANOTHER bridge over and dumped MORE cars in the water!
OTOH plenty of other ships are going under those bridges now with no traffic stops and no tugs, so everyone BUT the Dali get a fair go at wrecking another bridge :roll_eyes:

Also there would have been car wrecks with people trying to take photos of the ship while driving.

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It’s called “knee jerk reaction”, or “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”

Is there a more reactive industry we can collectivly think of besides our own? This story plays out time and time again and we knee jerk into even more stifling regulations that could almost always have been prevented.

BTW, for anyone in the area, Dali is currently berthed over at VIG terminal in Norfolk if anyone has a boat and a morbid curiosity.

Not quite sure DY
We sure are reactive.
But name any industry that is proactive :flushed:
I sure as hell will share your thoughts on badly thought out retrospective regulations

I think you are a low hours GA aircraft pilot.
Scrabbling around trying to scratch a living flying aircraft.
That was me 35 years ago until I decided that the right seat of a heavy jet was not coming my way anytime within my acceptable timeframe. After accumulating many many multi engine hours in turbo props ( never did get to drive a jet) I decided that continuing my marine career was best.
I have seen the best and the worst in both industries, please don’t try to kid me, you may get away with others, but not me.
The airlines are riddled with faults and if you know anything about pilot training there is a looming crisis that may only be resolved by removing the warm bodies from the front of the plane.
So please butt out of our discussion about professional mariners.