Very sad breaking news out of Baltimore…..yet another allision. M.V. “Dali”

Terrible news.

No doubt there will be a great deal of discussion and supposition about this incident.




That is really all I can say watching that footage.

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A lot of cars in the water sadly.

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I was trying to figure out from the video if there was anyone on the bridge. :frowning:

Sadly, I don’t see how a loss of life will be avoided in this accident. This is really major

No words other than “holy shit”

Thoughts and prayers to everyone on scene.



Thoughts and prayers, speed to the rescuers and medics

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What the hell is going on with VLCV, their captains and …hmm pilots??

BREAKING: Bridge collapses in Baltimore - mass casualty event declared (

Another bridge " too far " or " too close"


Name: DALI (effective 2015-03)
IMO Number: IMO 9697428
Flag: Singapore (effective 2016-10)

Marshall Islands (effective 2015-03)
Call sign: 9V5283
MMSI: 563004200
Ship UN Sanction: Not on list
Owning/operating entity under UN Sanction: Not on list


Type: Container Ship (Fully Cellular) (effective 2015-03)
Date of build: 2015-03
Gross tonnage: 95,128


Registered owner: Grace Ocean Pte Ltd (effective 2016-10-13)
IMO Company Number 5532064
Nationality of registration Singapore
Address 35-01, OUE Downtown, 6, Shenton Way, Singapore 068809
Company status Active

Baltimore Bridge collapse: ‘A dire emergency’ (

source: Gisis

Key Bridge Collapses Radar of the ships before and after MV Dali hit bridge. (

Equasis - DALI.pdf (836.5 KB) full pdf printout

Lets say the cost of " all inclusive) damages will start with 1 billion usd ++ . ?

Another video clip from twitter/X nav lights off and recovery clearly visible

daylight view from above :

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A heavy starboard sheer is evident 2.5 minutes prior to allision.


We’ll see as information becomes available but the video appears to me to show one of tugs reversing course and screaming towards the ship after the course change and before impact.

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Good evening . Looks to me , that aditional training on ships 1:24 models of ULCV should be supplemented by parallel traing on ultra large tankers /bulk carriers due to the mentioned by You drastic reduction of (ME power)/displacement ratio.

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I’m reading light traffic and some bridge maintenance folks. You can see vehicle headlights in this video:

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Apparently there was overnight construction too- 20 guys paving,

Another clip, this one showing the ship losing electrical power right before crashing into the bridge.


Sadly, I believe you have identified the issue which explains the heavy shear. The black smoke indicates the ME running astern which would have compounded the shear with transverse thrust. Damn……

01 24 32 EDT………initial power loss.
01 25 44 EDT…….engine running astern.
01 28 40 EDT…….ALLISION.


The scenarios that nightmares are made of.

Thoughts and prayers to ALL that are involved.


I’m really sad .

Usually, around the world , you get one or two tugs in assistance , when you pass under the bridge , port regulations ( Bosporus, Hong Kong etc)

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72 seconds from blackout to propulsion restored. Sharp contrast to the Viking Sky timeline.


I doubt that a tug would have saved her in that short time frame. A centre lead aft tug working indirect would have slowed the shear although at that stage the pivot point position was irretrievable.