Report: Dali Will Move to Baltimore Berth Next Week for Investigators

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in the week that the FBI is involved in an investigation to see if the crew violated a U.S. law from the 1830s which says a ship’s officer or crew can be charged with manslaughter if their negligence or misconduct led to the death of the six road workers who were on the bridge.

A controlled demolition for the sections of the bridge holding the ship is scheduled for today.

“A preliminary report providing an updated statement of the facts is expected to be released in the coming days, possibly shortly after they reboard the vessel.”

thats all they will get is the crew. the ship is a constructive total loss and between temporary repairs in Baltimore and towed to a shipyard its not worth it. i would speculate that after they sell of the cargo (part of the general average) they will abandon the vessel

It’s speculation on my part but Dali could be repaired. When American Export Lines Sea Witch collided with a tanker near the Verrazano bridge she was extensively damaged forward. Several years later she was cut in half preserving the machinery and re built as Chemical Pioneer… Long active service after.

How the money works could be very different though. Sea Witch American built Chemical Pioneer Jones act vessel trade made it work. Towing Dali for scrap vs towing to repair probably not much difference.

One things sure Asian owners will consider re build

Similar with the Chevron Hawaii, rebuilt (larger) as the Arco Texas.

Or the Seabulk America where the Fuji Engine room and the barge Oxy 4102 “merged”.

“Built as the 30000 DWT FUJISHIO MARU in 1975 ], she became FUJISHIO in 1980 and FUJI in 1983 owned by Cosmopolitan Shipping. In April 1985 she broke in two and her forepart sank. Her aft part was salvaged and in 1990 fitted with the barge OXY4102 as a new forebody and renamed SEABULK AMERICA. (46000 DWT) She was broken up in 2012 in India.“

If the ship is in good condition otherwise, maths pretty easy. About 25 % of the hull needs to be replaced, only machinery forward anchor winches, not much money there. Owners have plans for the vessel, would not take long for a Chinese yard to quote on new section. Another guess they could probably start construction as soon as she is released. Have the section ready about the time it takes to get to China.

Answer to the question depends three things. What’s her potential charter rate. The shipyard, do they want the work, and will US.courts let her go. Longer she’s held less she’s worth while piling up expenses here.

Owners are VERY much looking at what is economically advantageous, no matter whether they are Asian, European, or American (maybe with the exception of those operating in the Jones Act trade).

In any case, the Underwriters will decide if he MV Dali will be declared a total loss, or repaired.
From the look of it the damages are fwrd. of the collision bulkhead and above waterline, so the cost of repair should not warrant declaring a total loss.

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She will not be declared a total loss. They repaired the “Ever Given” and they will repair the “Dali”. Would not surprise me to see a name change following repair.

Whether she steams or is towed to an Asian yard will be dependent on the level of forward watertight integrity, Panama Canal constraints and the condition of the collision bulkhead/thruster space. No doubt she will be discharged to a certain level In Baltimore in order to raise the damaged bow and no doubt there will be a period of detention following discharge.

I believe your estimate is grossly in error.

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Ship will eventually be renamed.

Might want to do something about the 'lectrics too.

Everything can be repaired . So was Maersk Honam

Source: gCaptain

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What are the odds that the crew will be allowed to leave anytime soon?
Will they even be allowed shore leave while the ship is alongside?
What is your bet?

Cap Bugge
My wager. Aside from the senior officers and perhaps the engineer, mate on watch, I think they others may be allowed to disembark. Beer when we meet.

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