Resolve Marine mobilizing resources to re-float and remove the Dali

WaPo has an article about the effort to clear the debris and open the Port of Baltimore asap:

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Maybe that includes bringing in whatever equipment and expertise that can speed up the process, no matter the cost and from where?

It will have a controlling depth of 11 feet, horizontal clearance of 264 feet and a vertical clearance of 96 feet.

I can fit. Not sure about any of ships waiting out by Annapolis, they’re still stuck.

Pride of Baltimore II was homeward bound when the allision occurred. She is currently, I believe, in Annapolis.

It will likely help spirits in Baltimore when a channel is opened to permit her draft and airdraft to return to her usual berth.

Since there’s an overhead restriction, the alternate channel is going to pass under the road part that still stands and where there’s no debris. The Pride of Baltimore has a draft a hair under 10’’ so could make it draft wise but with a 107’ tall rig, she’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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Maybe there is a possibilty to get her home soon.
Top of the masts appear to be “removable”:

Pride of Baltimore II photographed in September 2008.

I show Pride II with a draft of 12’6" (almost three feet more than the original Pride). I was referring to the second paragraph below, as I think they are talking about an auxiliary without an overhead restriction. My bolding in that paragraph.

The auxiliary channel will be placed on the northeast side of the main channel and will be marked with lighted aids to navigation, the Coast Guard said. It will have a controlling depth of 11 feet, horizontal clearance of 264 feet and a vertical clearance of 96 feet.

O’Connell, in an interview with CBS News, said the Coast Guard is also planning an auxiliary channel to run along the south side of the main channel that could accommodate boats up to 14 feet. Preexisting debris along the south side needs to be removed, a process that is expected to take place this week, he said.

Topmasts above the “doublers” can usually be derigged. A lot of work, though.

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This auxiliary channel sounds like its going to be mostly for tugs and barges to accommodate debris removal.

Im sure they would love to get the Pride through, but its probably better off in Annapolis for now.


Bring in a few planeloads of shoeless Bangaladeshi/Indian shipbreakers, give them gas axes and look away.

They should reduce that bridge to metallic chunks in no time.

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The Chesapeake 1000 (ex Sun 800) has a lifting capacity of 1,000 short tons at 63’ maximum radius fenders to hook. (907 m.t x 19.2 m.)

Equipped with a 6-point mooring system for station keeping. (No spud legs)