Resolve Marine Group

Just curious if anyone out there has any experience with or intel on RMG as an employer. If so, would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.

Doc-I have heard of them, but know very little. Mainly a salvage company. I recently met an unlimited Master that was working for them. That individual is now working for Chouest. Out of all the places you had mentioned you were looking, I would score resolve near the bottom. I guess your hunting isn’t going so good.

Capt. Lee
Well, It’s going a little slow. I’ve spoken to seacor and they have me in line for future positions, no idea when. I talked to NIcky Collins and he wants to put me on one of the pushboats because I have experience, but I’m really trying to get away from pushers. Hornbeck doesn’t have any openings right now, but put me in the applicant pool and never heard back from Rigdon. Resolve wants to put me in a mates spot on the Resolve Pioneer, an Anchor Handler. I may have to take it just to get out and get some experience if the pay is right and reliefs are regular. Still, proceeding with caution. Thanks once again for the info Capt. Lee. Always value your insight.

Seems the Gulf is feeling a post-katrina slow down, that and the economy in general decline. All the companies out there that I’ve spoken with are saying they are full. They also tell me to KIT because there are boats being built, and expansion is on the way. Glad to hear that you have some options, my buddy is a tug driver for Chouest - he’s real happy there.

I agree with the slow down. It seemed to be booming when I was doing battle with the coast guard over a license. I was getting cold calls all the time. Now is another story. Reading through professional articles I’m hoping that it will pick-up again when oil leases go through in March for the eastern GOM. Until then I’ll just have to weather it out wherever I can.

Me and you in the same boat on that, by the time I worked out my MMD around Christmas things locked down. It also seems like companies are more willing to hire in the spring, less stress training new people in fair weather. I didn’t know about the oil lease issue though, it’s good to know about a concrete reason for slow down, and March is right around the corner.

Does anyone have updated experience working for (or near) Resolve in the US or overseas?

The word on the waterfront is that they are usually hiring, but that they do not respond to resumes, and it can be hard to get through to the guy that does the hiring. They advertised awhile ago for people to go to Dutch Harbor, but the word was that the wages were a little on the low side. From what I can see, they mostly just standby in Dutch Harbor. Again, I heard from experienced Alaska hands who did inquire but never heard back from the guy who was supposedly doing the hiring. I have not sought employment there so I don’t really know.

I tried to get information about taking a course at the Resolve Maritime Academy, but their customer service was so poor that I decided to spend my money at MPT instead.

Hopefully, someone who works at Resolve will speak up.