Heading to bayou


I am going to Louisiana for Advanced Fire and Radar on Feb 2.

After I am done I will start knocking on doors for AB/unl or 100 ton? I only hava a 100tn near coastal, but every thing else is in order. Any thoughts or contacts? I was thinking crew boats, but don’t really have much preference for now. I would prefer a more professional group, but I am sure that is luck of the draw. I have been following the site for the past few months so I am sure there are not many new suggestions, but it does not hurt to put it out there.



Good luck man! It will be a nice change from winter here in Seward!


Edison Chouest Offshore is the only choice if you ask me. No other company can offer you the choices, and in-house training like Chouest can.
I am sure people are going to freak out on me for saying that, but I started with Chouest, worked hard and have seen the world, not to mention received a Captains License and a hell of a paycheck. And all that crap about “you have to be from the Bayou” to get ahead is untrue ( I am from the east coast ). You however have to be willing to work to get ahead, there is no room at Chouest for lazy people.
Good Luck


[B][I]good luck on a job,hopefully by febuary things will have picked up.word of advice,be prepared.its different in the gulf.Out of 12 yrs in the maritime industry 8yrs were spent in the gom,with 4 yrs sailing seafarers(siu).Its different then night and day.bottom line is you got to be thick skinned,like the old saying goes,let the water roll off your back like a duck.so its best to mine your on business,do your work,dont gossip,dont be late for your watch,get along with others,and you`ll do fine.good luck once again![/I][/B]


When ECO finally starts offering equal time schedules, then I just might consider going back to the GOM. That is the only reason I’m not there now.


Good luck!

Chouest has been hiring as of last Wednesday, Otto Candies (Des Allemands) has a new build coming out very soon…Laborde Marine ( Morgan city) offered me an OS spot a few weeks ago as well…I also met several people who were recently hired at Dolphin ,I know nothing about them…


Thanks for the info, but it looks like I have some work back up north…not what I was looking for but it will hold me over till the summer. After that I can take BRM, RADAR and Med Care Provider down the road from my house, so it looks like I am going to ditch the bayou trip for now. Thanks again for the posts and I will be hiding in the trough of gcaptain.


C_A, Chouest has several folks working even time. Most of the vessels coordinators don’t seen to care what your schedule is as long as the vessel is covered. THey may say 28/14 at the front door but getting even time is not hard to do.


The guy that’s supposed to replace me is from Chouest. I heard his reason for leaving was FOR equal time.


Chouest is an awfully big company and I would never claim to make blanket policy statements for them. I only speak from personal experience. I know of at least 10 people that are working even time in the division I work in. From what I have seen, if someone wants to work even time they have been able too. They may not be able to immediately but usually within 3 hitches or so.


I know some of you work for Chouest,so maybe you could answer this…
When I was back there a few weeks ago.There was an AB who had just got his Master 200T NC …He needed to see his coordinator about any third captain positions that were open…But before he could, word had come down that his coordinator would not take calls or see anyone from the boats, except the captains…The guy had no where to turn…Is this normal?


Not at all! There has to be more to the story. From everything I’ve heard this would be an exception. This individual can always go to his manager if he can’t get a response from his coordinator. If he doesn’t get any results from his manager, he can keep going up the chain. The buck doesn’t stop with the coordinator.


I agree with Capt. Mike there has to be more to the story, Coordinators do a lot more than sit there waiting to talk to boat people. Maybe he was in a meeting or something. Chouest is not the “Big Orange Monster” that everyone likes to make it seem to be. I have worked for 6 different coordinators during my time with ECO and have never had any of them that were truly bad. And just because this guy had gotten his 200t doesn’t make him a captain, you have to actually be appointed Capt. until that happens you only have a expensive piece of paper.
What was he looking to be third on anyway, a crew boat?


I tried to get Nicky to commit to an equal time schedule, and he wouldn’t. I have heard that it can be done, but I didn’t want to commit myself to a 2 for 1 schedule and then hope for the best, you know?


I hear ya man. That can be quite a leap of faith sometimes. Kinda like betting on a super bowl game.


Thanks captmike,I thought there was something wrong with the whole story…But I was just there trying to get hired and this guy was venting all this ,so I didn’t know what to think…